Razer Orochi Bluetooth Notebook Gaming Mouse

The Razer Orochi continues the fine tradition of high performance gaming mice with the fantastic Bluetooth wireless capability from the makers of mice that perform to exceptional standards. The Orochi is reviewed at a more indepth level at TheTechInsider, or alternatively at their Best Gaming Mouse Article.

I literally have more mice than I can possibly use for all my computers and I usually have two connected to my work computers, a wired and a wireless. I think I can make a fair comparison between Razer mice and ones from other companies; Razer makes very good mice that last.

I have only had one mouse that has failed me, the wiring is broken at the point where it enters the mouse, and that mouse is four years old. I do like the style of Razer and their mice are built tough with plenty of attention not only to performance but comfort along with that smooth performance.

The Razer Orochi continues that great tradition and is a great wireless mouse using Bluetooth and wired USB connectivity to keep you on top of your game wherever your gaming takes you. The Razer Orochi is a precision gaming mouse with a 4000 dpi 3G laser sensor and uses Bluetooth 2.0 for connectivity.

You can also connect the mouse to your computer using the included USB cable that fits very snuggly into the top of the mouse if batteries die or you need to configure the mouse. Using the wired mode allows you to not only have a wireless with a wired backup but also to configure and setup the mouse as well as use the mouse at full 4000 dpi.

The mouse only runs at 2000 dpi when running on wireless but runs at full 4000 dpi when connected using USB and the included USB cord. The cord fits snuggly into the front top where a cord usually goes but has a unique design o fit the space perfectly so this cord cannot be used on other devices.

The cord is a bit short at 3 feet but you can always add a USB extension cable to the included mouse cable if you want to use the Orochi as a wired mouse. The Orochi mouse cannot use a regular USB cord so you need to make sure you don’t lose this one as it’s a one of kind that fits the Orochi specifically.

The Razer Orochi comes with the mouse and cord, a quick start guide and a Master Guide as well as a couple of batteries and the usual certificate of authenticity. The Razer Orochi has a nice battery compartment cover that uses both pressure point clips and metallic studs with magnets on the mouse body to hold the cover on well.

When you want to open the cover and install or replace batteries simply put pressure on the slot at the rear of the mouse with a finger nail and the cover will pop off with this end of the cover using the three magnets. The two finger buttons have a stud and pressure point that helps hold the front of the mouse on near the two studs that press down on the finger switch buttons.

The Razer Orochi is easy to get working and installation consists of downloading the drivers and installing them but you do need to have the mouse connected with the USB cable. Once the drivers are installed you can change the polling rate, speed of the sensor and sensitivity as well as button assignments.

The Orochi has the two finger buttons and two side buttons on both sides with the scroll wheel and its button for a total of 7 plus the scroll wheel. The Razer configurator allows you to assign any of the buttons and the scroll wheel to a variety of inputs with the default setting being the usual left and right click, forward and back scroll and sensitivity of the cursor.

The default is actually a very good setup and having the left and right sets of two buttons on a mouse that is designed to be ambidextrous means right or left handed gamers can use this. Actually gamers are not the only ones who can get the benefits of a great precision mouse that works very well as a Bluetooth mouse for Bluetooth capable notebook computers.

The wireless capability is very nice but be aware that this mouse does not come with a Bluetooth dongle so you either need to buy one or have Bluetooth capabilities on your computer. I purchased an IOGear Bluetooth dongle from Wal-Mart for $25 to use with the mouse on my desktop and had no problems connecting it.

I also connected the mouse to a laptop from Hewlett Packard with built in Bluetooth and had no problems on that system either so using a dongle and built in Bluetooth has no problems with the Orochi. Using the Orochi in wired and wireless mode works equally well and honestly I really can’t tell much different when changing from one to the other.

I know that using the mouse in a higher dpi should make it work better but when it’s already high at 2000 dpi going to 4000 is hardly noticeable. Performance is the usual great smooth scrolling and in games the mouse is highly responsive with smooth precision.

I found no problems using the mouse in several games, even the current hit Modern Warfare 2 and found the mouse responded quite well for smooth and fast performance. The larger Teflon feet on the bottom make for smooth motion across numerous mouse pads and even on bare desk tops.

The Razer Orochi makes a great notebook mouse and is one of a very few gaming precision mice that are ambidextrous with its matching buttons on both sides and symmetrical shape. You can easily swap button assignments using the available drivers and configuration software from Razer.

The Orochi is Plug and Play compatible and works as a regular mouse when you plug it into a USB connection using the three foot USB cable or through a Bluetooth connection. Connecting through a Bluetooth connection is very simple and I found using either built in Bluetooth or a separate dongle that the mouse works well.

I highly recommend the Razer Orochi for a great laptop or notebook mouse or a regular mouse that is well made for gaming and precision. I like the cordless use as this would eliminate the cord damage that I found to be a concern in wired mice after long periods of use.

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