Benefits of Air Drying Hair

Air-drying hair has many practical applications, including protecting the health of your locks and enhancing natural color, texture, and shine. Here are several tips to get your favorite looks by eliminating hair dryer heat damage, but if you really are not going to give up getting a hair dryer then checkout this website as they have the best dryers.

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair like mine, air-drying will not give you extra volume the same way a blow dryer will. However, it does allow the cuticle to dry smooth and shiny, which is the perfect texture for a chic ponytail or a short, edgy bob. Begin your air-dried look by applying a small dab of shine serum or anti-frizz spray to towel dried hair, being careful not to weight down your hair with too much product. Then let your hair dry naturally and once it is completely dry, brush it smooth with a wide-toothed comb to avoid creating any breakage in your sleek look.

Wavy Hair

Air-drying wavy hair gives a soft, face framing shape that is perfect for the beach or a picnic, and it is the simplest style to accomplish. Simply towel-dry hair and wind small strands gently around fingers to shape your natural waves, then spray a light mist of volumizer to bring out body. Once the hair is dry, it will be softly curled and will look great with a unique headband or in a loose French Braid. To keep the look smooth, untangle the hair while it is still wet with a comb, but don’t use a brush on it again.

Curly Hair

For naturally curly hair, air-drying can be an exceptional way to tame unruly, frizzy manes. Apply a light curl-enhancing mousse to damp hair and then lightly scrunch the ends and the roots to provide a little lift and definition in the curls. Then wrap it in a silk scarf to prevent frizz, and let it down once it is completely dry. The finished curly style will be naturally tousled, and it won’t feel stiff or crunchy because the hair wasn’t subjected to any damaging, frizz-causing heat. A pretty alternative is the leave curly hair wrapped loosely in the scarf so that only a few ringlets escape around your face

Chemically Treated Hair

Hair that has been treated by chemicals-either to straighten, curl, or color it-can benefit greatly from air-drying. Chemicals are damaging to hair protein, but a deep conditioner used daily on hair that is allowed to air-dry will prevent further damage from occurring from blow dryer heat exposure. It will also help heal the hair by rejuvenating and moisturizing the strands, making most styles smoother and more natural looking once they are dry. Classy clips and barrettes are perfect for dressing up this healthier hair, because they won’t break the strands like they do to weak, fine hair.

With these tips, your hair will remain healthy and easy to manage, and you can experiment with lots of styles as you find how your healthy, air-dried locks work best for you!

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